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Our company, SSP International LLP, came into existence in 2017. We began with a group of farmers aiming to provide fresh and natural fruits at a reasonable price. With an experience of dealing with the import and export of fruits, we believe in trading with trust and keeping our customers need as the top most priority.

Currently, all of us are living in an age where the amount of good quality products is gradually declining in the food market. So this is a small initiative taken up by SSP International LLP, where we have come together to cater to the ever growing demands for natural and healthy fruits. We, as a team, work towards creating a profitable platform for the producers and the consumers at the same time.


Each one of us working here at SSP International LLP strives to trade across borders in order to serve our clients with nutritious fruits by making the most from our valuable partnerships with farmers.


We deal primarily in the export of grapes and pomegranates. Our out supply covers the Gulf countries as well as the far east countries.

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“Beads of sweet juice in a Bunch”

Grapes are consumed as table grapes and are also widely used in the making of jam, wine, juices, jelly and raisins. Along with being one of the juiciest fruits, grapes have a number of health benefits.

In order to provide only quality products, we supply grapes in the months of January, February, March, April and November, December, these being their natural harvest season.

A Friendly Fruit Tip: In order to refresh yourself a bit, try adding sliced Chilled Grapes on your salad.

Our company supplies different varieties of grapes allowing our customers to pick the ones that suit them the best. All are good quality seedless varieties with no rudimentary seed in the berry.

Grape Variety


White Thompson Seedless Grapes

White Grapes

Elongated shape and a pale green-yellow skin.

Most popular of the seedless grape industry as they are widely eaten.

Black Jumbo Seedless Grapes

Black Grapes.

Medium sized and elliptoid shape.

Have a uniform dark black colour.

Black Sharad Seedless Grapes

Black Seedless Grapes.

Oval in shape.

It has quite a sweet flavor.

Sonaka Seedless Grapes

Similar to Thompson Seedless Grapes.

They are a green variety.

Flame Seedless Grapes

An early season Red Grape.

Medium sized and round shape.

Valued by the customers for its early-season supply.

The packaging is reliable and ensures that the product quality does not get compromised during transportation. The available packaging options are:

  • 5 Kg Punnet Packing
  • 4.5 Kg Loose Packing
  • 8.2 Kg Loose Packing


“The small red seeds of awesomeness”

Pomegranates, relished for their seeds, are also used in the making of smoothies, jams, juices. They are often picked up as the most convenient way of garnishing meals to give a sweet taste.

We provide an all year round supply of pomegranates.

A Friendly Fruit Tip: As an evening snack, put some cheese and pomegranate seeds on a biscuit and enjoy the blend of sweet and savory tastes.

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Pomegranates supplied by us are of the Bhagwa variety. The outer skin of this variety is glossy red and the seeds are soft in blood red colour. These are suitable for long distance transport due to its thick peel and are tolerant to thrips, mites which reduces the number of pesticide sprays.

We provide:

  • 3 Kg Packing in White paper cutting and loose loading
  • 7/8/9/10/12/14 pcs are also available in Tray Packing and MAP Bag Packing, Palletized

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